Development & Transformation Programmes Delivering Major Improvements


Claims development & transformation delivering major improvements

The claims function is under constant pressure to deliver new solutions in cost management, operational efficiency, and an improved customer journey. Regulatory pressures add to the burden, as does the relentless efforts of those who would seek to defraud or otherwise increase costs and circumvent legitimate controls.

Design New Strategy

Understand, analyse, and design strategic imperatives that will transform claims and supply chain outputs

Transform Operations

Examine and deliver new operational processes and structures to innovate, improve and deliver major gains

Satisfy Customers

Applying insight & expertise to bring a new perspective to the customer journey and design new methods of working to improve customer satisfaction


Designing & building supply chains that make a difference

The need for a resilient and culturally aligned supply chain has never been greater. Pressures on insurer costs, technology requirements, and rising customer expectations demand new and better systems of integration between suppliers and insurers. As suppliers seek to help their insurer clients fulfil their corporate goals so there is also a need to maintain supplier profitability and longevity

Design New Supply Chains

Create new structures and processes to deliver the required results.

Analyse and recommend new models of delivery and secure competitive cost management

Appointing Suppliers

Design and deliver comprehensive systems of selection and appointment to fully reflect the entirety of corporate and supplier needs

Aligning Behaviours

Manage outputs, design analytical tools, and secure continuous improvement to align corporate and supplier goals


Making technology work for you, your business & your customers

Claims development and a focused customer journey are inextricably linked with the deployment of digital technology. At the same time there are new IT solutions that can aid the broader management of claims, costs, and predictive analytics. The march of Artificial Intelligence and associated capabilities is leading the claims world in new directions never previously deemed possible.

Design New Model

Research and recommend how the portfolio of IT developments should look to secure the results the claims department is seeking.

Sourcing Partners

We identify key suppliers with the innovation, functionality and potential resilience to work with insurers

Project Management

Bringing the disciplines of focused project management and sufficient resource to ensure technology projects are delivered on time and on budget


Helping you to grow your business in the insurance sector

The vendor community is constantly challenged by their clients to deliver innovation and opportunity for improvement. At the same time vendors must also contribute to a better customer journey and leverage the use of internal resources. All of this must be delivered in a highly competitive environment where profits can be hard to come by. The solutions to these challenges lie in finding new avenues for growth and embedding client relationships.

Planning for Growth

Designing and helping to implement business development plans for ambitious vendors including product, pricing and marketing design

Designing Communications

Securing better communications with clients and consumers through MI, marketing planning and social media work

Building Innovation

Helping vendors to identify and drive innovation in process and technology to secure competitive advantage


Providing expertise & resource to make claims and supply chain procurement work for you

Buying claims supply services requires expertise, resource, and an intimate understanding of a constantly shifting marketplace. It is also best achieved when the procurement function integrates closely with claims and, where appropriate, IT. Procurement is not about delivering the lowest cost but instead must focus on value, sustainability and alignment with corporate goals.

Provide Intelligence

Researching and understanding the market sectors and identifying future trends that will affect today’s buying decisions

Deliver Total Process

Providing an end-to-end capability that spans the entire chain of tenders, contracts and on-boarding to secure the best possible outcomes for insurers and suppliers alike

Supplying Resource

Supplying the right people at the right time to ensure a fully staffed function that can deliver projects on time, with minimum fuss and no long term commitment