Using AI and Analytics Techniques to Drive Your Business Forward


Using AI and analytics techniques to drive your business forward

Data is of little value to an insurer or supplier unless it is fully understood, analysed and applied correctly. Working with data requires intimate understanding of the environment in which it is being used and an ability to see beyond the raw information to determine underlying trends. Data analysis is both a science and an art.

Understanding your Data

Applying a process of rigorous analysis to take the raw data and discern key trends and opportunities in the claims environment

Using your Data

Examination and recommendation of how best to use available data in the real world of claims management, to improve outputs and deliver better results

Applying Advanced AI

Using existing and bespoke AI-driven applications to manage data and help to prevent ‘leakage’ across a multitude of different categories of cost


Delivering new solutions that help you to manage claims, customers & costs

Data mining brings great opportunities to manage claims in very different ways. Use of predictive capabilities and the impact this could have on cost, expense, and customer retention ratios are significant. Our job is to help you to exploit those opportunities and leverage your strengths in this arena.

AI Development

We work with you to integrate your existing and bespoke AI applications that will help you to identify and manage complex claims, those claims with the greatest potential for leakage, and make full use of textual analysis

Customer Journey

Using AI and associated applications to redesign your current customer journey and deliver major gains in satisfaction, operational efficiency, and cost management

Image Technology

Project lead in the uses and abuses of image technology to secure a step-change in customer behaviours, operational processes and resource allocation


Using new technology to redesign elements of your claims and supply chain business models

Technology can be used to re-engineer the core business model and to transform operations, income and cost management. Previously high- touch/resource hungry claims can be better managed by using the right technology, people and knowledge structures. End-to-end processing capabilities are no longer a pipe dream.

Service Model

Designing new ways to deliver core services to claimants and suppliers at significantly reduced cost

Income Model

Using technology to maximise income into the claims department and identifying new opportunities for legitimate income streams

Mitigation Model

Project lead in the uses and abuses of image technology to secure a step-change in customer behaviours, operational processes and resource allocation


Understanding the root causes of human behaviours and adapting service provision

Working with our trusted partners we can design and deliver new programmes of behavioural analysis that will change the way your customers behave – for the better. Reviewing your claims website, your First Notification conversations, the order in which you ask questions – all of this, and much more, will enable you to achieve better results. Lower costs, quicker settlement and more satisfied customers.

The expertise that we bring to the project has already been used by Amazon and a range of insurers, banks and utility companies to secure the best outcomes for you and your claimants.

Our Behavioural Science work is a consultancy based programme designed specifically around your needs and works within the parameters that you set.