A Properly Organised Workshop is Worth its Weight in Gold


‘A dynamic and thought provoking speaker who keeps people awake’

My conference and event presentations are regularly voted ‘best in class’ and I am regularly called upon to speak at both major events with thousands of people present and in-house seminars that might number just a few attendees. Ranging across the world of claims, supply chain, insurtech and leadership topics the content and style can be varied to suit your needs and those of your audience.

Speaking ‘live’ to a physical audience or contributing to a virtual panel of experts and commentators from around the world are both options available to you as is a ‘guest’ session at in-house events. On screen presentations are of the very highest order and professional designers can be engaged to further improve the visual impact. 

My key presentations are undoubtedly challenging, thought provoking, and required listening for audiences who would welcome something a little bit different backed by in-depth knowledge and expertise.



Combining the skills of precision questioning with interesting conversation

Holding the attention of an audience, extracting useful information from guests, and injecting the necessary pace and humour where needed is no easy task. But in webinars, conferences and events all over the world that is a role that I have fulfilled on hundreds of occasions.

From C-suite executives to members of the public, team leaders to Claims Directors, Trade Association officials to Oxford professors, – all have participated in a huge range of events where I have been the moderator, chief interviewer or guest manager.

Acting as the Chairman of a conference for 3 whole days to a 30 minute on-line interview with an expert in drone technology have all featured in a wide portfolio of events that required interviewing and moderation skills, public speaking and organisation, speech writing and presentation design Helping you to make your event a success is what I do!


Bringing the subject and guests alive

Interviewing one or more people is not an easy task. All too often it is delegated to an event sponsor or, if an in-house event, a manager who has little experience in the art of public conversation. This can mean that the audience loses interest or fails to gain the desired knowledge from the event. The audience is more engaged, responsive and key information can be delivered effectively.

Using a skilled interviewer helps to bring the subject, and the guest, alive.

Instead of a flat and often boring session the audience engages with the speakers, listens more carefully, and obtains greater satisfaction from the session. Instead of a tedious and slow interlude that attendees simply want to see the end of, a well organised and lively interview can be a highlight of the event.

Hundreds of interviews in many different countries before audiences ranging from hundreds of people both physical and virtual gives me the knowledge, skill and expertise to deliver a great session.


A properly organised workshop is worth its weight in gold

Whether it be a stand-alone event or as part of a wider programme the workshops available from us are all carefully designed to extract information, uncover new thoughts, and drive business improvement. Using a number of different exploratory techniques and with numbers ranging from 4-20 people we can design a variety of models to ensure maximum output.

The workshops can cater for all levels of staff from C-suite to new employees and can be used across the full range of claims, supply chain and leadership issues. Our workshops are also used to explore marketing, sales and business planning issues for suppliers and vendors.