24 years ago I was asked to advise an accident repair centre that was clearly failing. Plenty of sales income but losing money and a fractured workforce that did not understand their clients – insurers and fleets.


I failed miserably. Not because I didn’t have the right solutions but because I had no hope and very little skill in persuading the leadership of the business to change


Fast forward to today when I advise the claims departments of major insurers, claims managers, and suppliers (large and small) on programmes that will, hopefully, transform their business and my challenge is largely the same. I now have a lot more tools in my kitbag, knowledge in my head, and expertise in my fingertips but my key role is still, most often, to persuade the leadership of the business to change. Working on 3 different continents in locations as diverse as Saudi Arabia and Glasgow my job has been to identify the opportunities for growth, development and transformation and then persuade the leaders to make the necessary changes


Along the way I have designed and delivered hundreds of projects, trained thousands of people, shouted at audiences around the world, and written more articles and ‘blogs’ than I care to remember. But my passion never changes. Spending billions of pounds every year the claims and supply chain sectors should do better, could do better, and will do better (if I have anything to do with it)


Somewhere in my mix of passion, belief and knowledge may lie the answers to the issues that you face. There are formal programmes of business analysis and development but most of my work nowadays is a range of consultancy services that only have one goal – to help you meet and overcome the challenges of your business, your department, your problems.