For 24 years I have been designing and delivering exciting and often inspirational solutions in claims and supply chain development for insurers, claims managers and vendors. 

Strategy, planning, operational transformation and business growth are just a part of the vast portfolio of knowledge and change management skills that I bring to every project.

Combining expertise with innovation, analysis with insight, and inspiration with intelligence, makes for a powerful combination of capability that I offer to every client, large or small.



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Leadership Ain’t That Easy

Not too long ago I addressed a meeting of Claims Team Leaders. All of them, I guess, were technically competent. Some of them will have superior management skills of planning, organisation and decision making. A small minority might have exhibited…

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How To Treat Vulnerable Customers Fairly

With the FCA demanding that greater consideration be given to the needs of Vulnerable Customers, the onus is now every business to respond. This White Paper examines the key issues that you must address. Read in full by clicking here…

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Technology destroys claimant loyalty

In five years’ time we can expect that huge swathes of claims, especially those triaged by AI-driven magic, will be settled ‘en masse’. There will be little, if any, human intervention. Most personal injury claims will hit the new portal…

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I have worked with Eddie a number of times over recent years. He thinks sensibly, challenges entrenched beliefs and brings deep experience into his engagements. Eddie isn’t one of those people who holds back on sharing what he believes because you might not want to hear it - and he’s worth listening to.

- Andrew Morrish

UK Claims Director at Aviva

Eddie and I first worked together in 2007 on a major review of the Ageas repair supply chain. His steering and creativity helped create the Solution Centre concept that was seen as market leading at the time. Since this project Eddie has also assisted me personally on a number of matters and most latterly undertaken a very successful review of the ageas property supply chain. Eddie brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, pragmatism and savvy to assignments.

- Rob Smale

Former Claims Director, Ageas Insurance

It was a pleasure to organize a debate event with Eddie. He runs the moderation of the discussion with very high professional standards, making the event both interesting and insightful. Strong recommendation and thank you, Eddie

- Mari-Sanna Paukkeri

CEO, Co-founder at Utopia Analytics Oy

Eddie's success comes as no surprise to me. He has provided invaluable advice, support and guidance to multiple stakeholders across insurance. Eddie's strength lies in people management and understanding; empathy, and the ability to solve problems whilst at the same time, understanding many different viewpoints.

- Graham Proud

Global Head of Insurance Collaboration at Reuters Events

Not slow to give opinions but always with a view to  giving constructive criticism and finding new solutions  for clients. Eddie is trusted by many leading  businesses in the sector who are seeking new ways  to better performance with outstanding results.