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Put the Sugar in First

As I contemplate the first coffee of the morning, I am too often faced with a truly horrendous situation. A set of circumstances so bad that I immediately start to panic and hyperventilate. Blood rushes to my brain, causing an…

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Living In a Parallel Reality

In the last decade, perhaps one of the least surprising aspects of the much-proclaimed revolution in the provision, management, and delivery of insurance is that the over-hyped and over-promised outputs of new business models has not been forthcoming. Ultimately, successful…

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Post Office Scandal Teaches Us a Lesson

In my social media postings on Linkedin, I have mentioned the current Post Office scandal more than once, and with even more than my usual weight of condemnation of all that is rotten in the corporate world. The whole country…

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Suppliers Must Also Deliver Consumer Duty Obligations

At a recent meeting of around 50 different representatives within the claims supply chain – spanning repair, IT, legal, and other sub-sectors – there was an interesting discussion around the new Consumer Duty rules. The meeting had a collective sigh of relief from suppliers, who are not directly part of the regime.

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customer experience

Genuine Customer Centricity is a Sham

I sometimes wonder if I am living in a parallel reality, one in which the blandishments of the marketing professionals and ‘customer centric’ gurus have not yet had the opportunity to work their magic.

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Building Trust through Responsible Al in Claims: Championing a Voluntary...

One of the core tenets of insurance is that of trust.

Our customers must believe that monies will be available to meet their costs and settlement will be on a fair and equitable basis in the event of a valid claim. Without that trust, the whole ecosystem of insurance comes under threat. Customers will feel short-changed, deceived, and even mutinous – perhaps to the point where fraudulent behaviours are seen as somehow acceptable.

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What's So Special About You?

Every vendor will tell you that they are the best at what they do, whilst the claims department will demand a range of competitive propositions from their suppliers which are intended to convey some sort of advantage over other insurers.

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Better Ways to Find the Right Suppliers

Responding to a tender on behalf of one of my supplier clients (not an insubstantial company), I was struck by the gulf between insurer expectations and supplier reality. A veritable tsunami of questions flooded the inboxes of the supplier bid team across a vast array of subject matter, but all of the questions had a single thread of connection between them.

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