Claims Supply Chain Alignment Programme

Our new Supply Chain Alignment Programme brings together the cultural, behavioural and co-operative elements of supply chain management that are often missing from traditional relationships.  Read more...
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What it takes to be the best claims team in Europe

Following their amazing triumph in Madrid, we asked Jurgen Klopp for his thoughts on how he has built a winning claims team.  Read more...
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Why I don’t deserve (or want) a 25% loyalty bonus on my insurance renewal

The last month or so has seen me negotiating my way through the tortuous and, to my mind, somewhat deceitful renewal process for my private health insurance.  Read more...
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Time for Lawyers to Step Up

As the government seeks to implement long anticipated changes in the whiplash and broader PI claims environment there will inevitably be two categories of response from the legal community.  Read more...
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Why we should dump the customer-centricity argument in the claims department

When Amazon first dreamt of an algorithm that would understand reader habits and recommend new books, authors and – of course – potential purchases by consumers, were they thinking of ‘how can we increase sales’ or ‘how can we help customers to find books they might like’?  Read more...
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