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Motor & Household Claims

Eddie Longworth is the proprietor of JEL Consulting who brings a 20 year record of innovation, business development and system improvement in the field of motor claims, supply chain, and customer experience.

Having worked with insurers, major suppliers and motor manufacturers on 3 different continents and on 100’s of projects, Eddie brings not only experience and expertise but also a capability to challenge the norms, identify new solutions, and help to implement radical changes in process and people in order to gain competitive advantage for his clients.

Also renowned as an electrifying public speaker and prolific commentator on the world of claims and motor insurance, Eddie began his consultancy career in 1995 and since then he has gained a deserved reputation for insight and deep understanding of both the challenges and opportunities in motor claims and fulfilment.

Time for Lawyers to Step Up

As the government seeks to implement long anticipated changes in the whiplash and broader PI claims environment there will inevitably be two categories of response from the legal community.  Read more...
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Why we should dump the customer-centricity argument in the claims department

When Amazon first dreamt of an algorithm that would understand reader habits and recommend new books, authors and – of course – potential purchases by consumers, were they thinking of ‘how can we increase sales’ or ‘how can we help customers to find books they might like’?  Read more...
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Stop Obsessing About Customer Satisfaction in the Claims Department

I don’t know who invented the concept of Customer Satisfaction but they did a grave disservice to the claims department. Like many other well intentioned beginnings it has become a destructive force of original thinking, solutions delivery, and genuine understanding of root causes.  Read more...
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A Twin Track Approach to Successful Claims Settlement

In the world of claims and, especially, at the interface between claimant and insurer we often hear of the need to deliver ‘extraordinary’ service. With claims being seen by some as a differentiator from the competition it is argued that an ‘extraordinary’ level of service results in greater client loyalty, renewal behaviour and advocacy.  Read more...
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Why is my Toaster too Small?

I recently bought a new toaster. Bright, shiny, plenty of buttons to press and an ejection mechanism that launches the toasted slice of bread into the air at a speed to rival the best efforts of a North Korean missile test. Only one problem. A standard sized slice of white loaf is too large for the toaster.  Read more...
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